1 Item = 1 Day of Work

Each item made by KISANY represents one day of work and a step towards a more stable LIFE for a woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Every woman who hand-embroiders with JOY has known war, violence and poverty. A day of work removes her from the cycle of brutality and allows her to feel PRIDE.


She can feed her family, send her children to school, and find a safe home.


Needles and Thread Instead
of Guns and Bullets

Work empowers. In the unstable, destructive East African countries where KISANY works, self respect and confidence are rare commodities in women. Through consistent work, we help women find DIGNITY.


This leads to stronger families, healthier communities and a more promising future. With work comes the opportunity to make your own choices, to determine your own destiny. Through skills training and consistent employment, KISANY helps women take control of their own lives and experience FREEDOM.


About KISANY ®

For more than 12 years, KISANY has provided skills training and work to women in East Africa.


KISANY women are trained as embroiderers and tailors to a high professional standard. A dedicated European team manages quality control and consistency.


In addition, we offer women interest-free loans to buy homes and land or to invest in continued education. Through its work, KISANY has instigated marked improvements in living standards, quality of life and education in the communities in which they work.


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The items are meticulously hand-embroidered on the highest quality 100% Belgian Linen by Libeco.
Of the natural fibers, linen is the strongest, most absorbent and durable.
Every item will provide years of beauty and practical use.

Tea Towel 25 €

60 x 80 cm / Hand-embroidered in Congo
100% Belgian Linen by Libeco
Delivered in Give Work gift box

Pouch 33 €

16 x 23 cm / Hand-embroidered in Congo
100% Belgian Linen by Libeco
Delivered in Give Work gift box

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